Health Centre - Santa Laurensia

Health Centre

Health Center Overview

Santa Laurensia School considers physical health to be an integral part of education. For this reason, the school provides Health Center services and education. The school’s Health Center is supervised by a professional doctor and nurse. It is equipped with an examination room and separate recuperation rooms for male & female students.

The goal of the Health Center is two-fold. First, our medical team monitors students’ health on a regular basis, providing eye and teeth checkups as well as daily health maintenance. When necessary, our doctors refer parents and students to outside specialists to ensure maximum care. Also, the team also offers health education seminars on critical issues, such as avoiding and recognizing drug addiction, training in first aid, as well as anti-smoking.  To accomplish its mission, the Health Center operates jointly with various organizations, such as the Indonesian Red Cross’ blood donor program, the Anti-Narcotics Board, and child vaccination programs.

Health Center Activities, Services, and Partnerships

Routine health and dental checkups and drug prevention education for all students;

Random, periodical urinalysis to check for narcotic and psychotropic drugs for junior high, and senior high;

Health symposium for parents, including drug prevention and awareness seminars;

Sniffer dogs to check for illegal drugs;

Vaccination program based on Government standards or as needed;

Blood donation program for students, teachers and staff;

First aid training for students, teachers, and staff;

Implementation of Friendship Born in School (FBIS) program and general school programs.

Partnerships with Omni and Siloam Hospital Karawaci as well as other hospitals, laboratories, and National Narcotics Board (Badan Narkotika Nasional/BNN).