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Guidance & Conseling

Guidance & Counselling Centre

While caring for children’s physical health, Santa Laurensia also provides special services for the emotional and spiritual well-being of our students. Our Guidance and Counselling Centre is overseen by a psychiatrist and employs guidance counsellors as needed. The Centre works with parents to maximize the benefits to our students.

The Santa Laurensia Library System

There are three libraries in Santa Laurensia. The first is located in the Einstein primary school and the largest library is located on the second floor of the Mother Teresa Building.

At present, the library covers the needs of students, teachers, and staff from kindergarten to senior high school. We continually update our library by adding the newest books and other materials.

As well as offering educational support for students and teachers, libraries are valuable sources of information for students to broaden their knowledge, interests, and insight, to improve their language skills, and to find an independent path to self-development. Libraries also help students develop important research skills that will be essential for their success in higher education.


A. Library Hours

Monday – Friday: 07.15 – 15.30

Junior high and senior high students can make use of the library during break time and accompanied by teachers for research purposes.

B. Santa Laurensia Digital Library is used for locating resources and research purposes.